Boris Brejcha is coming back to Poland for a one-of-a-kind show in Arena Gliwice.

The kind of High-Tech Minimal will be accompanied by other DJs associated with his music label, Fcking Serious: Ann Clue, Deniz Bul, Theydream, Moritz Hofbauer.

After four years of touring, three albums and lots of singles, Boris became a constant favorite in today’s club scene. With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows his audiences over and over again how exciting minimal techno can be – so much more than just a conglomerate of repetitive and puristic elements.

Boris created his own music genre “High-Tech Minimal” in 2012 which has often been referred to as “the intelligent music of tomorrow”. After seven years of working together with Harthouse and his fourth album “Feuerfalter”, Boris founded his own label called “Fckng Serious”. Together with his best friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul they want to spread their idea of good music and serious parties around the globe.



Main Arena

via Eventim