General information

PreZero Arena Gliwice is fully accessible. On Level 1, there are 18 seats for wheelchair users and 18 for their friends, family and PAs. They are located in sectors which offer both very good view and easy access to the main thoroughfares.

Accessible seating – Level 1

Wheelchair users are welcome to use seats located on Level 1 of Arena Główna (Main Arena). There are also seats for friends, family or PAs. Depending on the event, the number of seats may vary.
Accessible toilets are located next to the entrance to the stands.

Disabled access parking

PreZero Arena Gliwice can be reached via Kujawska and Akademicka streets. 25 accessible parking spaces are made available before events. Depending on the event, the management may add a booking reservation system (e.g. ticketing).
Disabled access parking is only available to blue badge holders. For additional information, members of our staff are placed at the entrance to the parking lot – should you require any assistance, do not hesitate to ask them.


Staff members and volunteers can be found in the main throughways as well as around the venue (e.g. by the entrance to the parking lot). They are easy to spot: you can recognize the staff by their black uniforms with “Służba informacyjna/Ochrona” at the front and back, and the volunteers by their orange T-shirts and a volunteer ID badge.
Depending on the event and the ticketing system, third-party vendors may have their own regulations regarding the selling of disabled access tickets.

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